The Center was founded as a qualitatively new association of specialists to effectively solve problems of any complexity and provide impeccable service to its customers in terms of managing distressed assets.
The team consists of leading experts in economics and law. During the work of the center, hundreds of successful projects have been implemented, and among the customers there are the largest banks and state corporations. Many years of practical experience allows us to implement strategies beyond standard solutions in an environment of increased risks, tight deadlines and limited resources.


Comprehensive support from debtors, creditors, arbitration managers in bankruptcy procedures of individuals and legal entities of various categories, including developers, natural monopoly entities, strategic enterprises and organizations, including the effective application of legal instruments of bankruptcy (challenging transactions, subsidiary liability) in conditions multidirectional interests of participants in the insolvency procedure. Effective legal support in carrying out financial rehabilitation and external management procedures in relation to legal entities, business restructuring based on the existing asset group through the use of the debtor's asset replacement mechanism, development and approval of settlement agreements of varying complexity at all stages of bankruptcy.
General issues
  • Comprehensive support of the debtor's bankruptcy procedure in the interests of the Customer;
  • Support of the procedure of supervision, external management, financial recovery, bankruptcy proceedings of the debtor, elaboration and implementation of the conclusion of a settlement agreement;
  • Obtaining and analyzing information about the debtor's assets;
  • Monitoring of messages published on the website of the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information;
    Providing, if necessary, on the basis of individual orders of the Customer, other consultations on certain issues arising in connection with the bankruptcy case against the debtor;
  • Representing the interests of the Customer in relations with persons participating in the bankruptcy case, and persons participating in the debtor's bankruptcy proceedings, and other persons in connection with the debtor's bankruptcy;
  • Negotiations (correspondence) and organization of meetings with representatives of debtors and third parties, as well as with guarantors, pledgers and other interested legal entities and individuals, including specialized organizations, in order to develop and implement measures to resolve debt, including the study of related investment, production -economic, corporate management and other issues;
Sale of the bankruptcy assets
  • Monitoring the sale of the debtor's bankruptcy assets;
  • Development of a set of measures to prevent illegal sale of assets, as well as measures to ensure conditions for the safety of pledges;
  • Preparation of information on the course of holding open tenders for the sale of assets in the framework of bankruptcy;
  • Legal support in the sale of assets within the bankruptcy case.


Inclusion of claims in the list of Debtor's claims
  • Inclusion of the Customer's claims in the lists of creditors' claims in the event of the debtor's bankruptcy;
  • Objection against unreasonable claims of other creditors in the event of the debtor's bankruptcy;
  • Analysis of the list of creditors' claims;
  • Preparation of information on the amount of claims of voting creditors, the number and percentage of creditors' votes at creditors' meetings;
  • Preparing the agenda, preparing a position for the meeting of the creditors' committee, analyzing the documents submitted for the meeting; analysis of the minutes of the committee meeting;
  • Preparation of information on the decisions taken; participation in the meeting of creditors;
  • Holding of creditors' meetings and participation in meetings of creditors of the debtor.
Subsidiary liability and other separate disputes
  • Identification of entities controlling the debtor, obtaining and analyzing information about their assets;
  • Bringing the entities controlling the debtor to subsidiary liability or recovering losses from them, including the subsequent foreclosure on the foreign assets of these entities;
  • Protection of controlling entities of the debtor from bringing to subsidiary liability within a bankruptcy case;
  • Challenging transactions made by the debtor;
  • Legal support of all separate disputes in the debtor's bankruptcy case;
  • Analysis of judicial acts on specific bankruptcy cases in order to establish the circumstances affecting the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
Court-appointed receiver
  • Ensuring interaction with interim receiver, re-solvency receiver, bankruptcy receiver;
  • Analysis of the actions of court-appointed receivers;
  • Participation in the consideration of complaints and disagreements with the court-appointed receiver;
  • Analysis of the feasibility of current expenses;
  • Monitoring of the situation on the recovery of receivables by the court-appointed receiver;

Debt enforcement

Representation of clients' interests in all types of disputes and categories of cases of any complexity in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels, including conducting cases in arbitration courts administered by permanent arbitration institutions. Conducting cases for the collection of distressed debts from legal entities and individuals, a thorough analysis of the situation, a comprehensive study of the position, a thoughtful study of practice and the use of non-standard approaches to resolving disputes. Organization of efficient and fast execution of court decisions, including by levying execution on identified assets, interaction with the bailiff service and with credit institutions at all stages of execution.
  • Services for the return of the debtor's receivables to the Customer, by collecting it from the debtor, as well as from third parties related to the debtor;
  • Collection and systematization of information about the debtor/third parties;
  • Development of a strategy to protect the interests of the Customer, determination of the most effective methods of collecting receivables;
  • Study of the possibility of bringing third parties to civil, administrative and criminal liability;
  • Legal examination of documents that served as the basis for the emergence, change or termination of the rights and obligations of the Customer, the debtor and third parties;
  • Preparation of draft documents (including procedural ones), which are the basis for the emergence, change or termination of the rights and obligations of the Customer in relation to the debtor and third parties;
  • Providing legal support for pre-trial dispute settlement (legal analysis of the situation, development of a defense strategy, advising the Customer on the procedure for negotiating with the debtor, participation in negotiations with the debtor, preparation of a draft agreement on debt settlement, etc.);
  • Fulfillment of actual and legal actions aimed at returning from the debtor and third parties of the Customer's receivables through arbitration and civil proceedings;
  • Representation of the Customer's interests as a party or other participant in the process in courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts of the Russian Federation, referee's courts in all instances in any category of cases;
  • Representing the interests of the Customer in enforcement proceedings with all the rights provided by the applicable laws;
  • Assistance to the Customer in the foreclosure of the pledged property in an out-of-court or judicial procedure by ensuring the holding of tenders and (or) leaving the pledged property for the Customer;
  • Searching for entities intending to acquire from the Customer the rights (claims) of the debtors and/or third parties or to provide compensation for the repayment of the specified rights (claims);
  • Provision of consulting and legal assistance to the Customer on the assignment of rights (claims);
  • Analytical work to identify the assets of debtors and third parties who own property on behalf of debtors;

Criminal law issues

Comprehensive support for the investigation of complex multi-episode criminal cases of an economic nature, including those related to the investigation of the activities of organized criminal groups and criminal communities, including transnational crime.
  • Analysis and identification of signs of the elements of crimes provided for by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Preparation of offense reports, sending these statements to law enforcement agencies;
  • Development of plans for investigative procedures and law enforcement intelligence;
  • Collection and presentation of objects and documents that can be recognized as material and other evidence, in the manner prescribed by the procedural laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Customer as a victim in the course of criminal prosecution of the debtor and/or third parties;
  • Ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Customer as a victim in the course of criminal prosecution of the debtor and/or third parties;
  • Preparation, presentation and support of a civil lawsuit for compensation of property damage caused to the Customer;
  • Preparation of documents within the framework of international cooperation of law enforcement agencies (for conducting investigative actions outside the Russian Federation);
  • Preparation of legal opinions for law enforcement agencies on complex issues of criminal law and criminal procedure;
  • Taking prompt measures to block the withdrawal of assets (seizing the property of the accused).