Comprehensive support of business activities, including legal support for mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate governance consulting.

Out-of-court settlement of corporate conflicts and legal support of complex corporate disputes.

Support of large-scale complex transactions in various fields of activity, including the full range of necessary services for a comprehensive risk analysis of the acquired asset (Due Diligence), development of an optimal mechanism for concluding a transaction, support of negotiations between the parties, detailed elaboration and preparation of all necessary documents for concluding a transaction, control over the signing of an agreement and evaluation of its results.

Transaction structure

Development of an optimal transaction structure, development of a negotiation strategy, coordination of all parties to the transaction and drawing up an optimal roadmap for the transaction.

Preparation of documents

Preparation and verification of all documents that are required to conclude a transaction, monitoring the signing of documents.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of the results of the M&A procedure.